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This page lists some selected speaking engagements.

The following are public events.  To protect client confidentiality, I have not listed private workshops or speaking engagements at corporate legal departments, law firms or government investigative units.

Past events

April 28-29, 2014, ACEDS Conference in Hollywood, FL.

For What It’s Worth: Cost-Effective TAR in Small, Mid-Sized and Large Cases
In its brief existence, technology-assisted review (TAR) has proven a potent tool in driving down the costs associated with document review and other data intensive processes. More accurate than linear review and much faster in the right circumstances, TAR unleashes powerful human-guided algorithms to cull voluminous data in large, high-stakes cases and investigations. But what about when there’s less on the line, fewer documents and a smaller budget with which to work? Do TAR’s powers fade? This session helps you:

  • Identify if and when TAR is appropriate for your matter,
  • Measure the true costs, rewards, and ROI of TAR, and,
  • Make a financially sound case for using, or not using, it.

The future is now when it comes to advanced e-discovery technologies. Don’t miss this special panel. Your wallet will thank you.

Presenters: William Speros, Mary Mack

E-Discovery Taboos: Pain Points among (and within) Clients, Counsel and Vendors 
This panel takes on taboo topics, issues of confusion or frustration, and moments of conflict that occur consistently between organizations, their outside counsel, and the vendors and consultants who service them. Panelists will take on a debate style format, either asserting or discrediting the following taboo statements:

  • Law firms should NOT profit from internalizing e-discovery and lit support services.
  • Corporations should NOT attempt to mitigate risk and reduce cost for e-discovery by in-sourcing enterprise technology and talent.
  • E-discovery Project Managers should come from a technology background and skill set, NOT a legalist or attorney background. 
  • Predictive coding is NOT  faster and more cost effective than traditional manual review.
  • E-discovery will NOT become more profitable for providers and outside counsel in the future.          

Audience members will be given the opportunity to participate in the debates, adding their experiences and perspectives on each of these topics and more.

Speakers: Mary Mack, Alex Ponce De Leon, Bill Speros, Jon Talotta
Moderator: Jared Coseglia

May 15, 2014, ABA CLE  White Collar Crime & Regulatory Trends in the European Union & U.S., Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Recent Trends Regarding the Globalization of Enforcement Actions and Cross-Border Internal Investigations in the EU and US
This session will examine recent enforcement actions and consider evolving enforcement priorities in the EU and US.
The session will also discuss best practices when conducting cross-border, internal investigations with a particular focus on the unique complexities presented when such investigations involve simultaneous inquiries in the EU and US.
Prof. Lucian E. DERVAN, Southern Illinois University School of Law
Pamela CHEPIGA, Allen & Overy LLP, New York
Daniel BARTON, Alvarez & Marsal, Amsterdam
Joost ITALIANER, Partner NautaDutilh, Amsterdam
Mary MACK, Enterprise Technology Counsel, ZyLAB

(March 2014) “Cloudy Skies Ahead?”,  eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Conference, the Center for Law, Science & Innovation at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, in collaboration with Michael Arkfeld.  Mary Mack will be joining speakers Caroline Mankey, partner litigation with Cypress who will be moderating the session, William Kellermann, Director, Electronic Discovery of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati.

(July 2012), “E-Discovery for the Corporate Market.”  Topic organizer for one of Neil Signore’s signature colloquia

(Jan 2010), Matching Regulatory Expectations with e-Discovery Requirements,  Leonard Gordon, director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Northeast Region during a spirited panel discussion that also featured David Keyko, litigation partner and regulatory expert from Pillsbury Winthrop; Josh Weiss, special counsel from Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft; Fios’ Director of Strategic Account Relationships, Dennis Kiker.

(May 2009) eDiscovery discussion with Magistrate Judges Peck and Waxse, Legal Tech West

(May 2009)International Litigation Support Leaders’ Conference,  eDiscovery Project Management with Mary Pat Poteet, Margaret Morton, Rebecca Prince

May 2009 Gartner, with John Bace, Robert Brownstone,  Sorting through the Myths and Facts of eDiscovery

July 2008 Keynote speaker,National Federation of Paralegal Associations National Meeting,  , Review by Monica Bay

March 2008, Speaker, American Conference Institute (ACI), Ediscovery Rules and Procedures , In house Counsel Guide to Document Management, eDiscovery and Litigation Readiness for Life Sciences.

Feb 2007, American Conference Institute (ACI)Ensuring Litigation Readiness—Going Beyond the Standard Zubulake Analysis to Meet the Demands of the Life Sciences Industry ,In house Counsel Guide to Document Management, eDiscovery and Litigation Readiness for Life Sciences with James Wood Partner, Reed Smith, LLP (Oakland, CA), Michael Harrington Deputy General Counsel Eli Lilly and Company (Indianapolis, IN), Andrea Johnson, Partner, Powers & Frost (Houston, TX)

November 2006, Guest Lecturer, Lewis and Clark, Prof. Rohlf:  Civil Procedure Class,

August 2006, Workshop Leader, eDiscovery Advisor Summit, Phoenix, , 2 day workshop style conference with Tom Howe, Conrad Jacoby and Larry Johnson

Past Selected Webcasts

March 25, 2014 1PM EST Co-Presenter-Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure at final stages,Tom Allman, ACEDS, .  Register here.

(2013) ACA Reporting and the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule, Presented by Ken Rashbaum, Attorney and Principal, Rashbaum Associates, LLC
Johannes C. Scholtes, PhD. Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, ZyLAB, ACEDS

(2013) Moderator: Privacy and Data Protection in eDiscovery Ken Rashbaum, Attorney and Principal, Rashbaum Associates, LLC, Johannes C. Scholtes, PhD. Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, ZyLAB,

Speaker: e-Discovery Best Practices for the In-house Counsel  Ralph Losey, Partner & National e-Discovery Counsel, Jackson Lewis,
Mary Mack, Esq., Enterprise Technology Counsel, ZyLAB

Moderator: Is Technology-Assisted Review Supporting Attorneys or Replacing Them?, Maura Grossman, Gordon Cormack and Johannes Scholtes

(2011) Speaker: Contemporary Productions and Metadata for 21st Century Disclosures, Mary Mack, Craig Ball, and Anthony Diana discuss the practical impact of Judge Scheindlin’s ruling in National Day Laborer (NDLON) has on eDiscovery and FOIA responses and the nature of the controversy.

(October 2010) Proportionality with Bill Butterfield, Maura Grossman and Judge Waxse

(October 2010) with Ralph Losey on Victor Stanley Revisited

September 2010 Social Media, Permanent Records and Ediscovery, taking Social Media through the EDRM

(August 2010) Case Law Update, Quon, Stored Communications and Social Media with Bret Andrews

(Jan 2010)  eDiscovery Trends with Bob Ambrogi

(Jan 2009) Moderator: Craig Ball on eDiscovery and Forensic Trends

(Dec 2009)Tom Allman on State eDiscovery Rules

(Dec 2009) The End of eDiscovery as We Know It?  with Richard Braman, Executive Director of the Sedona Conference Craig Merritt, Christian & Barton LLP & former member of The American College of Trial Lawyers Task Force on Discovery Bruce Parker, Partner, Venable LLP – Lawyers for Civil Justice

2009 Sedona Update: Understanding Defensible Search & Retrieval Methods, Mary Mack, Jason R. Baron, and James Daley discuss the latest from The Sedona Conference® Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production, including the eight practice points from the Search and Retrieval Sciences Special Project Team.

(April 2009)Mary Mack interviews Ralph Losey to discuss his newest book, Introduction to E-Discovery: New Cases, Ideas, and Techniques.

(November 2008) Corporate Governance: In Need of Reform? It was only six years ago that Sarbanes-Oxley was passed by Congress with the intent on restoring public confidence after corporate scandals affected companies like Enron. However in light of recent bailout requests from AIG, Citigroup and now GM, the focus is once again on more stringent corporate governance. Join Law.com bloggers and co-hosts, J. Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi with special guests Mary Mack, Corporate Technology Counsel at Fios, Inc and Professor Nancy Rapoport, Gordon & Silver, Ltd

(September 2008) Are You Ready for E-Discovery Resulting from Subprime Litigation, with Prashant Dubey,

(2008) with Tom Mighell,  Déjà vu All Over Again: State Rules of Civil Procedure.”

(July 2008) Careers in eDiscovery,

(March 2006) ACC Webcast with Melvin Merzon, Mary Mack, and Molly Nichols, Spring Cleaning: Steps To Reduce Electronic Discovery Costs Under The New FRCP Amendments (or Planning For The New Federal Rule Changes)

(Oct 2008)ACC Webcast, In-house Litigation Management with Wendy Toolin Breau – director, counsel, EY Claims Management Limited; Sheri V.G. Fanaroff – general counsel, Columbia Association, Inc.; Mary Mack – technology counsel, Fios, Inc.; Albert C. Peters II – general litigation and contracts counsel, Pennsylvania Commission

(June 2007)-Funding e-Discovery Through a Pigouvian Assessment, Jay Brudz, Senior Counsel | General Electric (GE)

(June 2007)FRCP – Discovery Obligations, Thomas Y. Allman, Senior Counsel | Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP

(June 2007) -Defensible Strategies for Discovering Sound Recordings Tuesday, (June 2007)

Tuesday, 24 April, 2007 – Corporations Harnessing the New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 

(February 2006) Moderator –The Proposed Rules of Civil Procedure: An overview by Judge Shira A. Scheindlin,

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