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I am a regular speaker at industry conferences, corporate legal departments and law firm retreats, typically addressing the following topics:

  • Privacy, Security and Electronic Discovery
  • GDPR, HIPAA and Financial Regulations
  • Changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and their impact on legal and IT departments
  • Social media and BYOD (Bring your own Device) as evidence
  • Contracting for Interactivity
  • Cross Functional Team Chartering for the Office of Technology Counsel/Chief Data Officer
  • The Shift from IT to Marketing as a primary source of electronic evidence
  • Workshop:  eDiscovery Rainmakers.

I am also frequently invited to act as a facilitator and chairman of meetings and panels.

My commitments to my clients:

  • I do not sell during my engagements.
  • I tailor my talk for the particular audience, and require a dialogue with the organizer so I can dialogue with the audience.
  • When unable to attend in person, I regularly delivers talks by webcast, video link, or on pre-recorded video.
  • For case specific consultations, I will check conflicts before our discussion.


If you would like to talk with me about ACEDS and certification, I would be happy to have a conversation at your convenience.

Please contact me by  using the form below, or call me directly at 503.695.5877.



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