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Why I am fired up about ACEDS

My exceptional and esteemed eDiscovery Community:

I’m humbled to be asked by BARBRI to lead ACEDS, the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists.

ACEDS has created a world-class certification and supporting organization, and a range of accompanying training and continuing education resources. More importantly, they’ve advanced the conversation on ediscovery.

They’ve done so with our stellar group of faculty/presenter alumni, charter CEDS holders, our great, involved Board, and the curriculum developed by Helen Bergman Moure and ACEDS volunteers.

ACEDS has not been without controversy.

BARBRI asked me build on the success and to shift the brand, that is, how ACEDS relates within our collaborative ediscovery community.  This means apologies and fence mending.

Under its previous ownership, ACEDS itself took on an investigatory role. Accountability conversations are important in the development of a mature ediscovery community. There is a way to raise accountability without questioning motives. Going forward, ACEDS will be a forum where the ACEDS community can have uncomfortable conversations to move the community forward. These conversations will be grounded in the spirit of cooperation that the late Richard Bramen, founder of the Sedona Conference, was so passionate about engendering in our adversarial system.

We collectively have an opportunity and obligation to shape law, technology and justice with compassion and competence.

BARBRI is the trainer of choice for the next generation of lawyers and legal professionals. Many of us are alumni of BARBRI. The Federal Rules are changing again. Access to justice for all parts of our society is a dream being deferred. We at ACEDS have an opportunity to shift the profession toward greater justice, more diversity and open collaboration.

Good wishes and continued success to my goof friends and colleagues at ZyLAB, with whom I now work in a different capacity.

Looking forward to seeing you at our annual conference.

Warm regards,

Mary Mack

PS I am very interested how you think ACEDS can best serve. If I do not reach you, my direct line is 503 695 5877 and my email is mary.mack@barbri.com.

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